I am an illustrator based in Ballarat, Australia.

I grew up in South Africa and I've wanted to be an artist from the time I could hold a crayon. After studying graphic design, I cut my teeth as an illustrator working on readers and textbooks for children in rural African schools. Currently my work is a lot easier compared to in those early days when I used old house paint (because I couldn't afford to buy acrylics) that would dry in the African heat before I'd even finished painting. I'd have to pay my brother to pose for me and I would need to head into the library constantly to use the town's coin-operated internet for resources. Now, after close to 20 years of living in Australia,  I sit in the comfort of my studio with a high speed internet connection, all the watercolours, inks and gouache I could ever have dreamed of and 3 children available to bribe with chocolate at a moment's notice.  

I have a love for colour, pattern and detail, and I especially love working on books and art for children. My work these days is mostly for picture books and educational publishers and occasionally for advertising, but I welcome enquiries of all nature.